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More health for your day.

More flavor to your life!

Who’s said that healthy food has to be savorless? Thinking about it we founded Supply Life. We are a 100% Brazilian company, based in Curitiba, Parana. We were born in 2014 with the philosophy of awakening a healthy awareness and promote wellness, with our own preparation of natural products with health and taste, dedicated not only for who cares about fitness or athletic performance, but also those are looking for life quality and monitoring of nutrients they consume.

For handling, formulation and development of our products, we have a team of highly skilled and trained professionals who operate with the newest technology. The entire line of Supply Life products are approved and registered by the competent public agencies, with all the requirements required by law. Because we respected all these quality standard's, in a short time of operation, we already won a prominent position in the healthy food market.

Sobre Nós

Our Mission

Create and develop products with aggregated value, that contributes to the health and life quality of our customers.

Our Vision

Be reference in innovation and quality in functional foods.

Champions Team


Our Lifestyle

Be Supply Life

SWe are moved by challenges, each day we fight and win a new battle. Our products daily contributes with a thousands of citizens and we have a certain: We are making history.

  • Selected ingredients
  • Products for any time
  • Life quality

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Health and Flavor


We use the best practices and technologies to develop our products, in addition to flavor, you get the maximum nutritional benefit.


Our processes were designed to promote the right quality as possible on our products. From the correct choose of premium ingredients to our logistic plan.


We develop products for easy nutritional monitoring, without giving up the taste, compare: In Supply Life you have much more flavor, and health, of course!

A complete portfolio

We have many options and many flavors of products, you can choose the best to fit your daily necessities.